Tall Buildings: architectural, structural and aerodynamic design considerations

Open lecture by H. Emre Ilgin
Middle East Technical University

28 Oktober 2019

Despite some negative effects, it is not possible to think of contemporary cities without tall buildings. Tall buildings are gigantic projects demanding incredible logistics and management, and influence building industry. Their design requires a unique collaboration particularly between the architect and the (structural) engineer. This interdisciplinary approach to resolving building planning, construction, and usage issues plays a vital role. Architects, planners, engineers, and contractors must develop a broad perspective for an understanding of the planning, design, and construction of tall buildings and their impact on a global scale. In this context, the role of the architect in the design of tall buildings has become progressively a major concern. Such a role presents the architect with an even greater challenge to realize the conceptual ideas as not only visually pleasant, but also as viable from the structural and constructional points of view. Consequently, the architects of today who design tall buildings must be aware of architectural, structural, and aerodynamic design considerations.

2019. 09. 30.