Inspireli AWARDS and COMPETITION - nemzetközi hallgatói pályázatok

With INSPIRELI AWARDS you can compete with any work, any design. A competition where the only theme is talent.

Töltsd fel bármelyik iskolai munkádat január 31-ig!

Competition categories:
- Architecture
- Urban Design and Landscape
- Interior Design

Termination January 31, 2020!

The winners of this vote will advance to the finals and thus automatically achieved as the minimum of the 2nd place!

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The Inspireli story
INSPIRELI AWARDS is enabling new talents to tell their stories and raise awareness about their own world view before they get their chance to build it. It brings together up-and-coming students of architecture

Selection Process
The INSPIRELI AWARDS is a unique competition with a unique voting system that can be objective to thousands of projects. A three-round system made up of the largest jury in the history of architectural competitions.


Design a real project!

Theme and Documentation
The Theatre Populaire Idea(l) is an open student competition of architectural, artistic and design ideas for the sustainable rehabilitation of a deserted green amphitheatre at the complex of the “Centre de Développement Chorégraphique” La Termitiere in the city centre of Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso. The emphasis is placed on innovative, respectful, courageous visions valorising the local potentials and materials.

A pályázatok benyújtási határideje: július 14.
Termination of registration for the competition: July 14., 2020

More information:

2020. 01. 28.