CAADence in Architecture

The Department of Architectural Representation is organizing an international workshop and conference at BUTE, on 16-17th June, 2016 under the title: CAADence in Architecture.

2016. 04. 07.

Sports building in Budapest

In Faculty of Architecture will be held a new intersting course  – Project Design Industrial–Construction Technology and Management for students. Please read toward for details.

2016. 02. 08.

Hungarian-American academic workshop at BME

Between 3 and 6 December 2015, a group of 15 fourth year architecture students of Kansas State University and their professor Dr. Peter Magyar were hosted by the Department of Freehand Drawing, in the frame of an international workshop. The American students were joined by 10 of our own students (both from the international and the Hungarian programs).

2016. 01. 15.


World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering - Architecture - Urban Planning Symposium - WMCAUS 2016 will be held in in Prague (Czech Republic) during 13-17 June 2016.

2016. 01. 14.

Diploma information

You can read some important dates for diploma students here.

2016. 01. 11.

Piran Days of Architecture 2015

On 21 November 2015, the Piranesi Award, one of the most prestigious architectural awards of Central Europe, took place in Piran/SLO as part of the international architectural conference Piran days of Architecture (PDA).

2015. 12. 07.

A prosperous study visit of the Student’s Scientific Association

Likewise it was carried out in the previous year on the 29th May 2015 within the frame of the talent management grant of the Student’s Scientific Association Board on the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics a one day study tour was conducted to the training and research centre of the BDA - Bundesdenkmalamt Österreich (Austrian Federal Monuments Office) that is housed in the Mauerbach Charterhouse, a historic site near to Vienna.

2015. 07. 01.

Welcome to the freshmen and senior students

Opening ceremony of academic year of 2014/15 will be held on Monday, 1st September, 2014, 10 am.

2014. 08. 25.

BIM - industry-oriented study at university

GRAPHISOFT Grants ArchiCAD Certificates to Brazilian Students of Architecture in Hungary

2014. 05. 12.

The Palace of King Mathias in 3D

Architect students reconstructed and presented in a 12 minute long 3D animation the Castle of Buda and its environment during a one and a half year project.

2013. 12. 08.

New architect-informatics lab

At the Faculty of Architecture (in frame of after years of property-developmental project of our university) the 60 benched architect-informatics lab is going to be presented.

2013. 01. 07.

Solar Decathlon

Átadás előtt a Műegyetem Odooprojektjének épülete a Solar Decathlon versenyen Madridban

2012. 09. 10.

Solar house model on Construmat in Barcelona

BME Sora Decathlon's group showed their building model on Construmat in Barcelona.

2011. 05. 18.