Exhibition of the architectural Studio-week - Várbazár

As part of the conference regarding the Hauszmann Project (the project for renewal of the Buda Castle) there will be a small exhibition from selected works of architectural students of BME (made on a special workshop during their Studio-week) at Várbazár.

2015. 05. 07.

Corporate social responsibility - Research at Faculty of Architecture

Organisers kindly invite you and your family to the opening of the exhibition of the bio briquettes factory built in Taban, in Monor.

2014. 11. 27.

Studio week 2014, exhibition

Works of Studio week will be exhibited at Royal Garden Pavilion in building A, B on 4th April 2014, 13:00.

2014. 04. 01.

EUROPAN 12 exhibition

FUTURE IMAGES OF ZUGLÓ, Visions on the revitalization of the Rákos creek in Zugló as part of the EUROPAN 12 competition

2014. 03. 12.

Laszlo Hudec exhibition opened in the library of BME

The world-famous Hungarian architect, a former university student, who played a decisive role in shaping the image of Shanghai was born 120 years ago.

2013. 01. 30.