Doctoral School of Architecture

Head of Doctoral School: Cságoly Ferenc DLA, DSc


The educational program of the Doctoral School of Architecture, leading to the degree of Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA), somewhat differs from the programs of the doctoral schools in other scientific areas.

It strongly focuses on creative architectural design supported by project-based research, thus „classical” research is only a supportive means within the context of creative architectural work.

DLA students work on a common project as a team, and, at the same time, conduct individual research on a particular topic related to the project.

The doctoral study process is characterized by versatility instead of specialization and by thematic diversity as opposed to focusing on a single topic.

The first two academic years of the three-year Doctoral School are so-called thematic years: students work on a common topic while the third year is fully dedicated to individual research.

The educational objective of the BME Doctoral School of Architecture is dual. On the one hand, it makes graduates capable of practizing their profession on the highest level, and on the other hand, it trains students to become teachers of architecture in higher education.