Department of Urban Planning and Design

Head of Department: Melinda Benkő PhD

The Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Faculty of Architecture in BME has been one of the most important urban education and research centres in Hungary since 1929. The shaping of the urban and rural environments in various scales requires a multidisciplinary approach, creativity and an interactive as well as a cooperative perspective that is ready to react to the social and economic changes.

In the field of the architectural education at masters level we instruct environment-sensitive architecture and urban design that bears specific reference to both space and time while at the doctoral schools of the faculty and at the advanced professional training courses we focus on passing on necessary and important knowledge to be used in urban planning, based on the complexity of urbanism.

Our education is continuously being updated and relies strongly on our researches, practical experiences and on our international connections emphasising the open relations between architecture and urbanism and strengthens the unity of planning and research.

We support and see our students through with all our forces and practical knowledge to enable them to explore their field of professional interest by themselves that is adequate to their talents and scopes to acquire the planning intelligence together with a complex and interactive manner that are indispensable for architect and urbanist practices and to raise the permanent demand in them for applying the new and ever-changing domestic and international knowledge.