Department of Public Building Design

Head of Department: Mihály Balázs DLA

Since its foundation the epartment of Public Building Design has been a prominent place of architectural education in Hungary. The prestige of the department is established by the outstanding professors who determine the intellectual directions, the number of famous architects graduated from here, the high number of researchers taking part in the doctoral school programs and the prospect of success in competitions and professional life for all students.

The education of design is characterized by a balance of practical and theoretical knowledge, working in small groups and an informal atmosphere. Our working method is based on openness, collaboration and the respect of creative freedom

Besides concentrating on the functional operation of public buildings the characteristic features of the department are a concern for the relationship of the building and its environment, the urban context, the ecological and social aspects of architecture, sustainability, and the synthesis of engineering and artistic points of view.

Dealing with the general aspects of design we aspire to reveal the connections between architecture and its the wider cultural context too, without which, we believe, the fundamental aspects of architecture are unrecognisable.