Department of History of Architecture and Monuments

Head of Department: János Krähling PhD

The Department for History of Architecture and of Monuments of the BUTE through its predecessor department founded in 1870 is nearly as old as the scholarly organized architectural education in Hungary: his name, his task, his staff has been changed significantly, yet it has always been being the leading scientific institution of teaching history of architecture at national level.

Beside the education of history of architecture the department initially has also played a part in teaching building design, later - and today - has become also a prominent workshop of the scientific research and education of theory of architecture and of monument preservation.

The task of modern university level architectural education is to train his students to give adequate answers to the problems of contemporary architecture and in this context the future architects have to be given or have to found appropriate responses in every phase of their work relating to professional problems on the field of history of architecture, theory of architecture or monument preservation.

Through contemporary approaches of the department’s education system of history of architecture and of monument preservation future building designers well qualified in architectural and engineering terms will acquire an in-depth knowledge on architectural history and preservation by which their planning works being sensitive for the historical values of built environment or even tasks to be performed in the national monument preservation institutions may be carried out with outstanding professional liability.

Accordingly, the educational and research profile of the department shall reflect this complex multi-faceted approach: teaching in a structure based on the historical and theoretical knowledge integrating architectural and engineering sciences and open to contemporary design approaches.

The department plays a major role in leading PhD research and training programmes on the field of history and theory of architecture and monument preservation, and through the postgraduate engineering course specialised in the preservation of historic buildings takes also responsibility in the recruitment and training of monument specialists.