Department of Building Energetics and Plumbing

Head of Department: Zoltán Magyar PhD

Department of Building Energetics and Building Services Engineering’s responsibility is to present, research and educate energy efficient, environmentally conscious, healthy and economical building service systems.

As a consequence, the Department plays an important role of the building energetics, comfort theory (thermal comfort, indoor air quality, visual comfort and acoustics), building physics and ecology, to ensure the implementation and renovation of sustainable and healthy buildings.

One of the major responsibilities of the Department is to educate heating, cooling, air conditioning, lighting and water supply systems to ensure the indoor environmental quality of buildings. In the education an important roles are the renewable energy supply, decentralized heat and electricity production, fire protection, building management and control systems as well as computer simulation of complete building service systems and its equipment.

These subjects and knowledge are part of the full-time Hungarian and English education and postgraduate engineering training courses of the Department of Building Energetics and Building Services Engineering and offered for all the students of the Faculties but primarily for the students of the Faculty of Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Technology and Biotechnology.   

Apart from the education activity, the Department of Building Energetics and Building Services Engineering takes part of national and international research projects in area of the building energetics, sustainable buildings, nearly zero, zero and positive energy buildings of various public and residential buildings.