Department of Architectural Representation

Head of Department: Mihály Szoboszlai PhD

The Department of Architectural Representation (formerly Department of Descriptive Geometry) provides geometry and IT education in the field of traditional and modern architectural representation.

Ever since the founding of the Faculty of Architecture, the main task of the department is to improve the students’ apprehension of spatial relations and to develop their comprehensive geometrical and constructional knowledge as well as their competence in CAD modelling. The department also prepares students to convert the spatial skills and IT knowledge necessary in architectural practice into an instinctive ability. The department provides internationally competitive knowledge for its students, enabling them to handle geometry and informatics related problems in their designing and engineering practice at a high level.

Besides regular education, our teachers provide professional support to our students in a number of successful scientific student work. The research work at the department is based on the development and adaptive integration of architectural representation and visual technical communication.