Dean Office

Head of Office: Adrien Lepel PhD

The Dean's Office handles the administrative issues of the Faculty, providing the primary chanell for the official kommunication and contact of the Faculty.

Gives administrative and infrastructural support to the leaders of the Faculty (Dean, Vice-Deans), and to the corporate bodies involved in decision making and decision preparing (Council of the Dean, Council of the Head of the Departements, Council of the Faculty; Economic Board, Educational Board).

It organises and performs the programmes of the faculty, coordinates the events with the help of the Departments and different administrative unites of the University.

Manages general economic and human resource affaires concerning the Faculty. Coordinates and supports the activity of the departments in competitions.

On the field education administers the general tasks of the Faculty in electronic and printed registers (felvi, Neptun, Gólya…).

Manages academic affaires of the students in English-speaking courses, in parttime courses, doctorite and other post-graduate courses with the help of certain departments.