Studio week 2014, exhibition

Works of Studio week will be exhibited at Royal Garden Pavilion (1014 Budapest, Színház u. 5-7.) in building A, B on 4th April 2014, 13:00.


The exhibition will be opened by Prof. Gábor Bercker, dean of Faculty of Architercure.


This year students could choose from following projects:

Department of Architectural Representation
          PICTuring 2014
          Details of Royal Garden Pavilon, Architecture and Disciplines

Department of Building Constructions
          Artisan Studio Week

Department of Building Energetics and Pumbling
          Historical review of shadowing, designing of outdoor tenda solare

Department of Construction Technology and Management
          Wall Construction Models

Department of Freehand Drawing
          Danube Riverbank Landscapes

Department of History of Architecture and Monuments
          „Ybl-apokrifs: Design in Ybl's style”

Department of Industrial and Agricultural Building Design
          Ybl oeuvre as to details

Department of Mechanics, Materials and Structures
          Installation from poles
          Catalan arches

Department of Public Building Design
          Zsámbék / Ybl anzix _ postcards

Department of Residental Building Design
          „Mystery of Ybl on the Gellért Hill”

Department of Urban Planning and Design
          Duna_(p)ART (art works of Danube)

The exhibition is open until 30th April 2014.

There are more programs and projects of Studio week.

2014. 04. 01.